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50 years of combined experience.


No Surgery. No Medications. No Pain.

A Regenerative, Restorative, and Healthy Aging approach to improve your mobility,
help you become Pain-Free, and increase your strength.

If you’re tired of the traditional symptom-based and degenerative medicine approaches of drug management and invasive surgery, then you’ve come to the right place!

At Neurology and Rehab Center of Advanced Regen Medical, we utilize the latest in regenerative and restorative therapies to promote healthy aging, optimal well-being, joint pain management, and quality of life.

We are utilizing cutting edge therapies like Electric Cell Signaling Technology, Wharton Jelly injections, and other powerful regenerative and solution-based treatments. We are seeing our clients alleviate chronic joint and muscle pain and numerous other health challenges without the needless risks and side effects of the traditional drugs and/or invasive surgical procedures.



  • Full Orthopedic and Neuro exam and personal consultation

  • An individualized Treatment Plan based on your condition

  • Deliberate Ultrasound-guided Injection

  • Aftercare to ensure Optimal Results


2018 and 2020.


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GOOGLE - M. Nguyen

Staff members are awesome and very helpful. Took my Dad for an appointment and he said he was impressed with the knowledge and the explanation the doctor provided him regarding his pain and how best to treat it without surgery. He is looking forward to his follow up.

GOOGLE - S. Settrini

Incredible experience. I can’t say enough good things about this place! Doctors and staff are incredibly skilled and they have helped me tremendously with my hip and feet.


I wasn't getting the care I needed from the big building 9-5 doctors. I wanted to get away from pharmaceuticals and invasive treatment and I knew there were more holistic approaches for the care I needed. This is a great doctor and clinic with a wide array of knowledge and treatments that has helped me greatly and I can't thank them enough.

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